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Reseller Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Account/Customer Related:

Do I have to install anything for my customer so they can use the editing tool?
No installation is required on the client or server side. The editing system connects to your customer's site via FTP access. Once you create an account for your customer, and input the proper FTP access your customer can begin logging in and

It is recommended that after you create a customer account you do login to their account just to verify it logs in to their site. (typically once you input FTP from reseller area for that account the customer should have no problem connecting)

How do I private Label Easy WebContent with my own name/logo?
You can update and integrate your own logo/branding via the "My Settings" area. Click here to learn more.

I need to cancel/remove a customer account. How do I do that?
To cancel an account go to the "My Accounts" area from the top navigation. Locate the customer account you want to update and click "view/edit" link next to that account. You can then change the account details and also account status (i.e. Cancel). Account will only be cancelled when you confirm the change.

Note: When you cancel an account it will be permanently removed from the system. Cancel an account only when you want to permanently remove it from the system.

Where do my customers go to login to their account?
Your customers will need to login at the URL you have set-up under which is a reseller login area. Refer to "My Settings" area about setting up this URL.

My customer has problem logging in to his/her account, what do I do?
First you want to verify they are inputting the correct username and password to their account. Note that username and passwords are case sensitive and present of special characters even empty spaces before/after letters will negatively affect login. Also make sure they are going to the proper URL to login to their account (ex.

If user still has problem logging in, you can try to duplicate the same and try to login to customer account. You can also reset the customer's password from your reseller account.

I need to temporarily suspend my customers account but don't want to delete account. What do I do?
You can change the status of the account. You have two choices: You can either make the account inactive or cancel the account.

Inactive: This is most common option since you can at anytime convert an account back to "active" state. When an account is "inactive" customer will not be able to login to their account and they will be given a notification that account is suspended and your contact information that you input your "My Setting" area will be shown as point of contact. (When an account is inactive our system will still continue with recurring charges for that account)

Cancel: This will remove the account completely from the system and it cannot be changed back to active. It's recommended you cancel an account only when you want to permanently remove it from the system. (When an account is cancelled it will no longer be charged by our system starting with the upcoming billing period)

Common Technical Questions

I am a web designer. Any quick tips on how to better design a web site for easier editing by my customer?
Yes. There are a few points to keep in mind:

Page format:
- Make sure the pages your user will edit are HTML based (ending with .htm, .html, or .shtml extension). Dynamic pages (.php, .asp, .jsp, etc..) are not currently editable by our system.

- To maximize ease of editing, keep it simple and avoid using graphics for content (ex. Having text as a .gif image instead of HTML text means the user will not be able to easily edit the text).

- Try to conform to web standards such as effective use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This not only allows better control over design of the web site but also can save users time and effort making regular content changes to their content. Click here for CSS information and common tips.

Page design/layout:
Easy WebContent is editable with most layout set-ups including pages utilizing tables, div tags and web2.0 .css styles pages. A user should be able to access the html content of such pages and make edits.

Note: Keep in mind that the purpose of Easy WebContent is to allow the user to edit/manage the content of their site page not to design a web site using the editing system.

What are some of the restrictions with page editing using Easy WebContent?

Avoid content in flash:
As with any HTML or website editor, flash content is not editable. Even though flash components in a web page are supported (replaced with a gray box in edit mode), users will not be able to manage any content inside flash components.

Avoid non HTML content/codes:
HTML editor currently does not support dynamic page types (.php, .asp, .jsp, etc..). This also includes having short dynamic scripts within an HTML page that may not properly render during save process. For example having snippets of PHP code inside an HTML page may not save properly via editor. Javascript and style sheets are accepted by system.

I've having problem setting up FTP access for a customer account. What do I do?
First make sure you have the correct FTP information. (double check the FTP information with the web host; Make sure there are no spaces between letters or at the end of the username and password which can result in errors)

Second make sure you have the correct root directory. Common root folders to try are: / , public_html, www, httpdocs

Lastly, make sure the FTP is Passive FTP. Today this is a standard in FTP access and nearly all hosts use the passive method.

If you still have problems with the FTP, you can contact our support for further assistance. Please make sure to include the customer account username and password to login to, and the exact FTP information.

What page formats are supported by Easy WebContent?
Nearly all "static" page formats are accepted by the editing system. This includes pages ending with .htm, .html, or .shtml extension

I have technical related question. How do I contact you?
Click here for contact information.