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Site Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it for free to see if I like it?
Absolutely! We offer a 7 day trial with no strings attached.  Try it free by clicking here.

Who is this site builder for?
The Easy WebContent site builder is for anyone looking to create a new website or blog. The system is designed for all types of users, including beginners, as well as medium to advanced users. Learn more here.

What about businesses? Can I sell my merchandise using a site created from Easy WebContent?
Certainly.  We have integrated the ability to embed Paypal and Google checkout payment features to your site if you wish to sell products/services securely through your web site.  These services allow you to quickly, easily and securely sell products/services on your web site. You can also integrate any other third party payment if they provide an embed code to add to your web page(s).

What is included in each account?
Your account comes with everything you need to have a professional web presence. From your own domain name (sub-domain or custom domain pointed to your site from any registrar), an easy to use Site Builder, Add-ons and widgets, as well as web hosting are all included with your account.  All of these tools are available to you once you create a trial account.

What about Domain Names?
A free subdomain is included with every account, such as (ex. or

You can also have a fully qualified domain name, such as  If you have already registered a new domain name with another registrar you can still use this domain name with your EWC account.  This can easily be done with a simple “A Record” that points to us.  Our support staff will gladly assist you with this process.  Please click here for a how-to guide on setting up your domain.

What about Web Hosting and Email Accounts?
Your monthly membership with us includes web hosting. You may also create your own email accounts from your domain registrar (most registrars allow you to also have emails under the domain and you simply point your domain traffic to our servers.

When it comes to emails we highly recommend you to use Google Apps. It is free for a limited number of accounts and. You can read on how to correctly set up your email accounts there by visiting