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Answers to most common questions about Easy WebContent System

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Easy WebContent and what will it do for me?
Our company name says it best:  Easy WebContent.  Our team is dedicated to providing you with the intuitive tools to simplify web presence  creation and make content creation easy to maintain. Our system was created so the frustration of making a web site is virtually eliminated.    We are here to help you through every step of your online journey through intuitive tools, help and tutorials and support.  Feel free to contact us for any sort of questions or read through this FAQ for more information on the system.

Can I use it for new or existing web sites?
We offer two separate products,  each with a specific purpose in mind. To create a brand new website or blog, you would use the EWC Site Builder. To edit your existing html website, you would use the EWC HTML Editor.

Why is there a Site Builder and a HTML Editor?
Back in 2005 when Easy Webcontent was first launched, there was a demand for a good reliable html editor. The editor was and still is a wildly successful system. As years went by, we listened to our user audience and decided it was time to introduce a website builder; one that is based on years of experience from both a design and usability standpoint.  The end result was an all in one solution for a professional web presence geared towards YOU;  The end user.

We found that other builders were not built for a truly new website owner. Each system is completely separate from each other. The site editor is for existing html based sites while the site builder is for people looking to create their own powerful and professional web site (hosting included).

How easy is it to create or edit a page with the Easy Webcontent system?
Each system (Site Builder vs. HTML Editor) has its own easy to use interface. If you are using the HTML editor, it is incredibly easy to make quick content changes to your existing site. If you are building a completely new web presence (be it a blog, small business or corporate website), the Site Builder has helpful hints and video guides to assist you on your journey.

Is there anything to download?
No. There is absolutely nothing to download. Both the HTML Editor and Site Builder are 100% online based.   There is no installation or special skills needed to start using the system

Which browser can I use for the Easy WebContent system?
You can use any recent version of browser that is connected to the Internet! We support Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.   Our Site Builder performs faster on Google Chrome, Safari and FireFox.  

I want to try it first and see if it’s right for me! How do I get started?
You can try the system in a few moments.  You can get started by clicking the “Free Trial button” or the “Try it Free” button on any of the pages of our website, or just click here. There is no billing or credit card needed to test drive our systems.

How do I log-in to my account?
Logging in is simple,  if you already have an account just visit and click “account log-in” in the upper right hand corner. You can also visit for a more direct URL.

How much does it cost?
Creating an account is free with no obligation.  You can then add free site accounts and try them for 14 days.   You can then decide to continue as a paid user or not continue. Subscriptions are based per website. You can subscribe for more than one subscription under your account.    click here for pricing

Are there any long-term contracts?
No.  Easy WebContent is a month to month subscription after your trial period or sign-up yearly and save 20% or more! There are no long term contracts for you to sign. If you ever want to stop subscribing to the system, you can easily deactivate your account(s) from your login area.

What if I want to edit or create multiple sites?  
You can have as many Site Builder / HTML Editor licenses as you need, all controlled from your master account. Your main account page will display all of the accounts you currently have and allows you to add new sites anytime or deactivate existing ones should you ever need to.

Can I use services from other providers?
Yes.  You can insert Embed Codes (snippets from legitimate third party providers) using Site Builder or HTML editor. For example you can embed codes to serve YouTube or Vimeo Videos,  Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Google Checkout features on your site and many more...

How about Domain Names?
Site Builder: Your account includes a free Sub-Domain (ex. and you can also point an external domain (ex. to your site which can be registered from any provider you like.

HTML Editor:  You would already have a domain name and an existing site that you use edit your site with HTML Editor.  Just make sure to input the correct domain name associated with the site you want to edit  when you register for an HTML Editor account.

What about Web Hosting?
Site Builder: Web hosting is fully included with each website you build using the Site Builder.

HTML Editor: A premium Web hosting account, unlimited emails and 24/7 support is included with the HTML Editor (Complete) plans.  You do not have to host with us and can stay with your existing web host; however we do recommend to take advantage of the Free hosting account included with Complete plan of HTML Editor.   In addition our Web hosting technicians will even migrate your site from existing host at no additional charge.

Can I use both the Site Builder and HTML Editor?
Yes. From your account panel you have the ability to add multiple licenses.   You can create new sites with the Site Builder and/or edit existing sites with the HTML Editor.