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Domain Name and Emails

Depending on your account type (Site Builder vs. HTML Editor) you will have different options for Domain Names and Emails associated with your website.

Site Builder Accounts

Domain Names:
Each Site Builder account comes with a free Sub-domain to visit your web site. (ex. This is the URL you can use to promote your website. In addition you can also point an external domain ( to your website. Once pointed correctly both would lead to the same location.

Click here for more information about managing Domain names and Emails with a Site Builder account.

If you already have an email address you can use it in conjunction with your website (ex., etc..) If you already have registered an external domain name, you can get custom emails (ex. directly from your registrar or use free services such as Google Apps.

Click here for more information about havingn customer emails with a Site Builder account.


HTML Editor Accounts

HTML Editor is a service to edit an existing web site. Therefore a domain name should already be registered by you when using HTML editor and you would have emails provided by your web hosting company.

If you have a HTML Editor "Complete" plan, you are eligible for a Free Premium Web Hosting plan which will include emails (ex. as well as many other hosting features. You can learn more here.