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Reseller Account Settings

Everything you need to set-up and manage the branding and contact settings of your Easy WebContent account for view by your customers is located in this area.


There are a 3 sections to privately brand Easy WebContent:

- Designate a URL to serve as the login area for your customers.
- Upload proper logo images to reflect your brand.
- Contact Information


1). Login Area URL:
The URL (ex. will be the URL your customer will need to visit and access their account.

Why different URL than yours? Because at there are instances of Easy WebContent name. However is a privately registered domain and contains no instances of Easy WebContent, specifically for reseller branding.

Tip: If desired you can take advantage of linking to the selected URL from your own web site or hosting control panel.

For example, if you are a web service provider (web host, web design company, etc.) you may want to add a login link to your home page or navigation which in turn would push users to their login area where they will be able to login to their editing account.

tip Note: Although you are able to change the login area URL, the change will affect all customers under your login area. If you change this URL you will need to inform your customers of the new login link. (Once a link is changed, the prior link will no longer be active)

tip Note: URL's are case sensitive on the Easy WebContent System. However we have disabled case sensitivity on the URL for your customer login area. For example, a user going to vs. , will still be taken to the proper URL.

2). My Branding Logo:
From this section you will have the ability to switch the Easy WebContent logo with your own logo so you can private label the Easy WebContent System to your audience.

As default the Easy WebContent logo is visible in 2 main areas:


Login Page
Where the Easy WebContent logo appears in it's full size to the left of the username and password area.

Internal Editor Pages
Where the Easy WebContent logo appears as a small size on the top right of all internal pages (including control panel, file manager, and editor pages)

To update the logos with your own, follow the simple instructions within the section.

tip Note: Be sure to upload logos in the appropriate size and formats shown next to each area. Uploading logos larger or in different proportions than sizes shown will result in poor rendering and display of the logos. (where logos may look distorted or pixelated)

3). Contact Email:
In this section you will have the ability to add and update your contact information.
(In case of customer questions and to avoid contact between your customers and Easy WebContent, within the Help section the information you enter will serve as the point of contact for you and your customers)

Be sure to update this area with correct name and active emails for your customer support.

For example if a customer forgets their password and uses the "forgot password" feature from their login area, the returning email "From" will show as coming from email address you designated in that area and not an Easy WebContent email.