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Getting Started

Adding new pages to your site

Adding new pages to your website is simple. There are 3 ways you can create a new page: First you have to click the manage page(s) button in the upper left hand corner

Manage Pages


Duplicate an existing page:

This option duplicates an existing page. There will be 2 copies on the manage pages menu after you click this option.

Duplicate Page

Remember to only publish the page you want everyone to see. Or you can hide the duplicate by clicking the green circle. It will turn clear into a clear circle. This signifies the page is not available to be viewed by your visitors.

Hide/Show Page


Create a blank page

You can create an empty page and add your own elements to customize it. The blank page will reflect your current theme and banner.

Create Blank Page


Create page from preset (page template)

You can create a new page using preset page templates and content placeholders. This is the easiest option when adding new pages because the placeholders show how the page should be laid out.

(Show screenshot of create page drop down with a preset page template selected).

Create page from template

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