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Domain Name and Emails

Domain Names

Each Site Builder account comes with a free Sub-domain to visit your web site. (ex. This is the URL you can use to promote your website. In addition you can also point an external domain ( to your website. Once pointed correctly both would lead to the same location.

Using an External Domain (

Easy WebContent Site Builder allows you to map (i.e. point) your own domain name to your website. You will need to register a domain name or already have one registered with a Registrar (such as Network Solutions,, Godaddy or any other register)

In laymen terms this is done by pointing your domain name to our network where your website resides:
1. Access your domain name by logging in to your Registrar.
2. Access the domain's Name Server settings and update the A Record to point to the IP:
3. Make sure in your Easy WebContent Site Builder Site Settings associated with your site you input the same domain name.
4. If one properly, domain name should begin pulling up your published website in as little as a couple hours. However it is normal for this to take as long as 24-36 hours to propagate on the internet.

How to do point your external domain to your website from Registrar
This can easily be setup by adding an A Record to your DNS records to point to the servers IP Address This will allow you to use your own web site name such as as your URL web address.

A Records are used to map domain names and web server IP’s. For instance, (where is your registered domain name with any registrar) OR can be mapped to an IP address.

For your to be mapped to an IP address, simply enter www in the field in front of

Depending on where your domain name is registered the instructions to setup a proper A record can differ. For most registrars this only takes a few minutes to set-up.

If you are not sure how to do this, we recommend you contact your domain registrar in order to set this up. You will need to let the domain registrar know that you wish to point your and web address to the servers IP

Note: Even if you use an external domain ( you can still also access your site via the sub domain (



You may also setup your own email accounts on your domain, such as

You can achieve this by:
- Using your registrar (where you registered your domain name) to provide you with email addresses.
- Use services such as Google Apps for a highly reliable email hosting.

In order to set this up, we recommend you use an application such as Google Apps for this service. This will enable you to create multiple email accounts routed through Google Apps which works directly with our servers. All your emails will be protected by Spam and Virus Protection as well using this service. For more information please visit the help doc located at