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File Management

What is the File Manager for?

File manager allows you to access files and directories associated with your web site. It connects to your web site's hosting account and provides the list of all files/directories relevant to your site's root directory in a organized tabular format.

File Manager; an intuitive system included with your account that connects directly to your web site and allows you to upload files, create new directories, upload any type of document and assets to your hosting account and allow you to restore deleted files back to its original location.


Video Tutorial

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Using the File Manager

Use the File Manager only when you wish to access files on your hosting account, can't locate a web page to edit from the HTML Editor's Dashboard area (also called "Edit Site & Files" area) When you visit the HTML Editor.

File Manager


Uploading Files

You can upload files directly to your website's hosting account via the File Manager.

Step 1:
After login to your account, locate the HTML Editor account you wish to access and click on "Manage this Site"

Manage This Site

Select the "Edit Site" link. This will take you to the site's Dashboard area (also referred to as "Edit Sites & Files")

Step 3:
Click on the "File Manager" tab. This will take you to the File Manager area.

File Manager

Note: Alternatively if have a web page open in the HTML Editor, you can roll mouse over the "File Manager" tab on top left and select "Go to File Manager"

Step 4:
You can locate and click on the the directory you wish to upload files under and then scroll down to the bottom of the File Manager page to upload file(s).

File Manager Upload File

File Manager Upload File

File Manager Upload File


Restoring Files

Restoring from File Manager

Restore Files

Restore Files

Restoring from within Editor

Restore Files


Notes of caution:

Although we provide a restore feature, it is not a guarantee the file will always exist after deletion from your hosting account as the assets are stored in a folder within your hosting account. Only delete files in your file manager when you wish to permanently delete files from your site.