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Editing Your Web Pages

Inserting and Editing Media

You can insert common media such as You Tube videos and Flash Objects to your web site via the Insert/Edit Flash & Video option of the Editor.

How do I insert media to my web page?
The Media options can be found under the "Insert Tools" of the editing panel as shown below:

Insert Tools

You can select the media option desired and pop-up applicable to the media will appear. For Flash and Video options you must have the file present on your hosting account. If the file does not exist you can go to your File Manager and upload the file and come back to this area to select it.

Flash and Video Objects

Third party videos and media
You can also insert any third party media to your web site. This is done via the "Insert HTML" option which allows you to paste embed codes from third party providers (such as YouTube, Vimeo or any other third party provider that allows embed codes to be inserted to your pages.

Embed HTML Code




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