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Beginner's Guide

Set-up Access (Connect to your Website)

The first time you try to set-up an HTML Editor account, it will ask you to enter your website's FTP access (File Transfer Protocol). This is a standard method of connecting to a website's hosting account (the virtual location of your website) for editing/publishing purposes.


Video Tutorial (How to Connect to your website)

For a better video experience switch to full screen and change to 720p HD instead of the 360p default setting


Create Site

FTP Access

Without FTP access, the editing system would have no way of connecting to your website files in order to allow you to make edits. (If you pay for a web hosting account, you should have the right to your FTP access)

Where to get this information if you don't have it

When you first registered your site for a web hosting account, your web hosting company would have emailed you this information in a welcome letter. FTP access consists of a username, a password and often a FTP address (also called FTP host).

FTP information can be obtained from your hosting company. You will need the host name (often , .net, .org) your user name and password which are often case sensitive. The remote directory is where your website files (pages, pics, documents) are stored. Common directories are www, public_html or httpdocs. If you are not sure, please contact your hosting company for this information.

Tip: On most occasions your web hosting company and/or the web designer (if applicable) will have this information.
Here's an example:
Your Domain:
FTP / Hostname:
Username: something
Password: xHie8ck

The editing system needs the following FTP information in order to connect to your website:

- FTP / Hostname
- Username
- Password
- Remote Directory

Once you have received confirmation that your FTP information has been verified you may begin using the editing system.

How do I update my existing HTML Editor's Hosting Information on Easy WebContent?
Should you ever need to update your your existing HTML Editor account Hosting Information you can do so easily by:

Step 1:
On the "My WebSites" section of your account click the "Manage this site" option next to the site you want to access.

Mange this site

Step 2:
Select the "Hosting Information" from the expanded panel. This will take you to the Hosting panel of site you wish to update.

Mange this site

FTP Access

Important Notes

- Username and Passwords are often case sensitive. Even spaces between letters may result in errors connecting to a site.
- If your FTP information ever changes, you must update it on the editing system to connect to your site or you will receive the following error:

FTP Connection Error


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- Set-up Access (Connect to your Website)
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