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Beginner's Guide

Helpful Tips

The editing system has been designed to allow you to make content and other changes to your web pages.

Below are a few tips that should be kept in mind when using the Editing system. Please take a few minutes to review these tips.

Although some tips may seem elementary, they will allow you to better use the system and harness the features available to you.

Pop-up blocker

Make sure you disable your pop-up blocker. Some features on the editing system require pop-ups and without enabling your pop-up blocker you will not be able to use them.

Pop-up Blocker

Browser Behavior

The editing system is developed to run on all of the latest versions of the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Although there are standards, each browser can behave differently and affect the applications that run within them.

As a result, certain functions may be restricted or behave differently from one browser to another. (For example, at times the copy/paste options in Mozilla/Firefox browsers may be limited while they may work great in Internet Explorer)

Browser Behavior

Feel free to experiment using the system on any of the aforementioned browsers and select the one you become most comfortable with.

Editing Restrictions

The system has been designed to work with nearly all varieties of static based web pages including: HTML, XHTML, CSS based designs, SHTML, and SHTM based pages which account for approximately 90% of web sites. Dynamic pages such as PHP, ASP, ASPX, JSP are not editable by this system.

The system has been tested on various design and HTML standards including Web 2.0. Although most websites are based on HTML code, their construction and formatting can vary because web designers have a virtually unlimited variety of styles to choose from when they design web pages (including combinations of tables, layers, CSS, etc.)

As a result of this, there can be limitations in how an editing system translates the HTML code into an editable version and how it is presented to the user during editing.

The system has been trained to render pages as effectively as possible for editing. However, it may not render all aspects of a web page during editing, especially if the page is composed of Server Side Includes (SSI) which would be replaced by an SSI icon and can be edited separately from your web page. (Always preview your page in a browser before saving your changes)

Common topics for beginner's and new users:
- Helpful Tips
- Logging in to the System
- Set-up Access (Connect to your Website)
- Accessing your web pages
- Editing Your web pages