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Beginner's Guide

How to Access Your Web Pages

From the "My WebSites" area of your account select the account you wish to edit

My WebSites

and click "Edit Site":

Edit Site

Once you have reached the "Edit Site & Files" section of website you wish to edit, Once on this page, you can select from any of the three methods to locate and access your web page:

Edit My Web Pages Option

If you are a recurring visitor, a list of your previously edited web pages in order of when they were last modified will be shown for quick access.

Quick Edit

Enter a web page URL option

Select link and you can enter the web page URL. You can copy/paste the exact URL of the page from a separate browser) The system will find the page or locate the closest matching page(s) to select from.

Edit webpage

File Manager option

Allows you to view all assets of your website including editable web pages (which are tagged with the “edit” icon next to them)

Once you have accessed your web files (file manager) you can choose which page you wish to edit by choosing edit next to the name of the page. If you are not sure of the page name you can always look at it by choosing the preview tag next to the name of the page.

File Manager

NOTE: Your web page may look different in edit mode:
When in the edit mode your web page may not look exactly the same as it does when you preview it as a web page. The variation of your web page look in edit mode is related to many factors including how it was designed, and the type of elements it is composed of.

You can always view all edits prior to saving them. Once they are saved, your site page will be automatically updated and viewable by the public. If you have made a mistake, don't panic. Your previous page will be saved and you may revert back to that copy.


Common topics for beginner's and new users:
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- Logging in to the System
- Set-up Access (Connect to your Website)
- Accessing your web pages
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