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Gallery Music Player / MP3 Player


Music Player Add-on

Easily Create Interactive Music Players for your website

Music Player

With the Easy WebContent Music Player add-on, you can simply create custom play lists and jukeboxes to publish to your websites or blogs. This function allows you to effortlessly share music files with all visitors to your website.

The Music Player feature is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for even the most inexperienced web designer. Absolutely no HTML or special coding skills are needed to use this feature.

In order to fit the style of your website or blog, there are numerous available templates that can be used and customized for the creation of your jukebox and play lists. These templates have the ability to be fully modified to your exact needs and specifications.


Video Tutorial (How to use the Music Player on your site)

For a better video experience switch to full screen and change to 720p HD instead of the 360p default setting


How to Use the Music Player Add-on

When the Music Player Add-On is opened, a list of existing Music Players will populate in the menu. If you wish to use one of these players, simply click “Insert to Page” beside the desired Music Player. You also have the options to edit and preview these existing players.

EWC Music Player

In order to create a new Music Player, simply name it in the field under “Create New Music Player Add-On” and click “Continue.” On the next screen you will be prompted to select a player from the available templates and sizes. You can preview these templates before choosing them and once you have made your choice, click “Select This Template” (Note: It is important to remember to use a size that fits into the area it is being inserted into).

Music Player

MP3 Player

After selecting a theme, you can now fully customize your player. Under the “Preset Options” drop-down menu, you can choose between chrome, metal, gold and pastel for the color theme. You can then pick and manage colors for the background, navigation area, timeline and footer as well as adjust the transparency options. Also, you can choose the font as well as textual colors for artist, title and time.

EWC Music Player Music MP3 Player Music Player Add-on

In order to add music and build a playlist for your Music Player, click the “Populate Playlist” tab. Here you can title each music file, give it a description as well as assign an image. To add music, click the “Browse For Music” button beside the “Music File” field and locate the file on your hard drive. In order to function properly, the file you open must be in mp3 format and under 5MB. To associate an image with the music file, click “Browse For Image” next to the “Image” field and locate the file on your hard drive then click “Open.” Acceptable image formats are .jpg/.jpeg and .gif.

When all fields are filled out, click “Submit” to upload your music file. You can keep repeating this process until all desired music is added.

Music Player

Once you are finished adding music to your player, click “Publish Player” in order to see the available options. First, you can quickly and easily publish your player to the page you are currently editing by simply clicking “Insert To Page.” Beneath this button you will see a field with the HTML embed code for your player.

You can copy and paste this code in order to embed this Music Player into any web page. Additionally, a direct URL to your gallery is generated so that you can share it with others via email, etc. When this URL is entered into a web browser, the user will reach the Music Player you have created. Keep in mind that you can return at any time to add additional music or delete unwanted files to existing players.