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Gallery Carousel



Easily Create Interactive Carousel(s) for your website


The Easy WebContent Complete plan editing system includes the powerful Carousel add-on. With the Carousel add-on, you can simply share your photos and text via a scrolling web carousel with the visitors to your website or blog. How your photos and information are presented is totally up to you. There are numerous fully customizable templates to choose from in order to make your site stand out from the rest.

The Carousel feature is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for even the most inexperienced and novice web designers. No HTML or special coding skills are needed. Simply select a template, customize it to your specifications and upload your images.


How to use the Carousel Add-on

When the Carousel Add-On is opened, a list of existing Carousels will populate in the menu. If you wish to use one of these, simply click “Insert to Page” beside the desired Carousel. You also have the options to edit and preview these existing carousels.

EWC Carousel

In order to create a new Carousel, simply name it in the field under “Create New Carousel Add-On” and click “Continue.” On the next screen you will be prompted to select from the available templates and sizes. You can preview these templates before choosing them and once you have made your choice, click “Select This Template” (Note: It is important to remember to use a size that fits into the area it is being inserted into).

EWC Carousel

EWC Carousel

After the template is selected, it is time to Customize your Design. Under “Presets” there are a variety of themes you can choose for your Carousel. Next, set the width and height, items per page and scroll speed by completing the proper fields.

Under the “Backgrounds” menu you can choose colors for the carousel itself, the item and the color it will change to when the mouse rolls over it.

The “Font Style” menu allows you to choose from a list of available fonts and customize the colors for different text areas. Under the Header section, , the title, description and pagination can all have unique colors. Under the Item section, you can choose colors for the title text as well as the text in the description and description fields.

EWC Carousel

Under the “Borders” tab, you can also tailor the size and colors of the borders of your entire carousel and even the individual items located within. The final customization option is the “Buttons” menu and this refers to the arrow buttons located on the sides or top used for scrolling.

EWC Carousel

After customizing, it is now time to “Populate Carousel” by adding items. Click “Add New Item” then fill out the corresponding fields of Title, Description, URL and image for the new item in your carousel. You can also choose whether to open in a new window or the same window. To upload image file click “Browse For Image” then locate the desired file on your hard drive and click “Open.” When finished, click “Save Item.”

EWC Carousel

Once you are finished adding items to your Carousel, click the “Publish” tab in order to see the available options. First, you can quickly and easily publish your Carousel to the page you are currently editing by simply clicking “Insert To Page.” Beneath this button you will see a field with the HTML embed code for your Carousel. You can copy and paste this code in order to embed this Carousel into any web page. Additionally, a direct URL to your gallery is generated so that you can share it with others via email, etc. When this URL is entered into a web browser, the user will reach the Carousel you have created. Keep in mind that you can return at any time to add additional items or delete unwanted items to existing Carousels.