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Accounts & Billing

Create / Add a New Site to under your Account

You can add multiple sites under the same account. Make sure you are logged into your Easy Web Content account before trying to add / edit a new site. If you do not yet have an account with us, you can sign-up free at

After you log in to your account, you will be taken to the "My Websites" section listing existing accounts (if applicable) and the ability to Create/Add New Site.

If you wish to create or add a new site, click this blue button:

Create Site

And you will be presented with following:

Create Add Site

There are 2 options to select from. You can either create a new Website with the Easy WebContent Builder or edit an existing website with the Easy WebContent HTML editor.

The first Site Builder and HTML Editor site you add begin as a Trial where you can test drive the system and decide if you like to become an active subscriber.


Option 1 - CREATE NEW Website with Easy WebContent Site Builder

Site Builder Pop-up

Choose this option to create a new website using our easy to use Site Builder.

Site Builder Create

Select Website URL: It is important to make sure this field is spelled correctly. This field is what a visitor will input into a browser address bar to view your website. (You can also point an exterrnal domain to your web site - see below)

Want to point an external domain name to website? (Optional): This field is optional. It gives you the option to point an already registered domain name to your website you will build on Easy WebContent. If you already have a domain name registered, you may input it here, (example: You can learn more about Domain names and pointing here.

Site description: Insert a small description about your web site in this field. (This can be a short phrase describing your web site or product/service you may be offering)

Accepting our Terms and Conditions: To complete registration you'll be asked to agree to Easy WebContent Terms
and Conditions. By clicking the box, you agree to all the terms and conditions.

Click the Create Site Green button to proceed.

Please Note: If this is your second site, you will need to subscribe to a new license in order to activate the new site. Click the green button “continue”. As with many sections in your account, you will need to provide your password in order to continue with request. This is for security purposes to authenticate your are the intended user. You will then be forwarded to your billing info and history page.

Here, you can select the plan for your new website. There will be 2 options: Builder standard and Builder complete. Choose the plan that suits you best, you may view the details of each plan Here.

Fill in all of the required information and review your order. Click the “update account” button to finish the process. Congratulations, you can now edit your newly created site!


Option 2 - EDIT EXISTING Website with Easy WebContent HTML Editor

HTML Editor

Choose this option if you wish to edit an exsiting website designed previously outside of Easy WebContent. This tools works with HTML based websites (ex. pages ending with extension .html such as , .shtml, .htm).

To connect to an existing website using Easy WebContent HTML Editor, you'll be asked to input a few required fields. This information is needed to connect you to your web site.

FTP Access

Please fill in the 6 required fields below:
Site name: Input the domain name associated with your website (ex.

Site description: This is for your own reference. Input identifying information about the site in this field to help differentiate your sites from each other as you add more licenses over time. Keep it short (a few words)

Hosting Information

You will need to have your website's hosting information. If you do not have this information contact your web hosting company.

FTP host: Input your FTP Host address (example:
Username: Input your FTP Username
Password: Input your FTP Password
Remote Directory: This is the directory that your html files are located.

Click the CREATE / ADD SITE button once you have filled in the above fields.

The system will attempt to connect to your web host via the FTP information you provided. If the system cannot connect to your host, you will need to re-check your FTP information and input it again.

Once you have correctly inputted your FTP information you will then be connected to your web site and you are ready to begin editing your web pages!

Helpful Topics for HTML Editor:

- Connect to your website
- Beginner's Guide Topics for HTML Editor


Accounts & Billing Topics for Existing Customers:
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- Accounts Details & Settings Overview
- Change Plan (Upgrade/Downgrade/Deactivate Existing Plan)
- Billing Information and Billing History
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